Lasse S-47 ready for sandeel

Lasse S-47 ready for sandeel

The latest delivery from the Vestværft yard in Hvide Sande has been handed over to owners Gitte Henning and is ready to start fishing sandeel for human consumption. It has been designed to operate on herring, sandeel and sprat fisheries.

After sea trials and an initial trip around Horns Rev with 15 tonnes of sandeel for three tows, skipper Paul Mogensen was unable to hide his excitement and said that the new Lasse S-47 is like fishing on a super deluxe Rolls Royce.

Lasse is a sister vessel to the Birgitte Martine that was completed last year for the same owners, with only a few minor differences based on experience with the first boat.

Lasse measures 16.98 metres overall, with a beam of 5.88 metres. Accommodation is for a crew of up to four. Tank capacities are for 15,000 litres of fuel and 3000 litres of fresh water.

Like Birgitte Martine, Lasse is designed and equipped to discharge its own herring catches at Swedish ports, and the same system can also be used when landing in Denmark, reducing running costs by making the two boats capable of operating independently of shoreside landing facilities – or the lack of them.

There are three tanks on board with a 145 cubic metre capacity, capable of holding the very high quality sandeel needed for mink, and requirements are that this fish my not have been longer than two days in RSW storage. This results in premium quality and better prices.

Propulsion and generator sets supplied by West diesel and installed by Vestværftet

Main engine: Mitsubishi S6A-3-MPTAW – 220 KW

Gensets: 2 x Mitsubishi WD-70 – 57KW

Reduction gear: Hundested CPG 50, reduction 12.38:1, with three PTOs

Propeller: Hundested VP 10 1 / 2S, diameter 2300mm

Bowthruster: 50 HK hydraulic Hundested ST -2

Pumps: Azcue, supplied by West Marine

Vacuum pumps: IRAS type PV-1200 with 2x30KW


Power Pack and hydraulic installation by AS: Scan

2 x split winches

2 x net drums

1 helper winch

2 x auxiliary winches

Fish Pump: 12" Sea Quest

Bowthruster: 50 HK hydraulic Hundested ST -2

Electrical installation: West El, Hvide Sande

Electronic installed by: Sea Tech, Korsor

2 x Furuno sonar

1 x Simrad 70 echo sounder

Fishing gear monitoring system: Notus

Steering gear:

Scan-Steering MT -500 with two EL-hydraulic pumps

Trawl gear: Thyborøn Trawlbinderi

Warps: 2 x 300 fathoms 18mmx19 6 Europact

Sweeplines: Taifun 18mm x 73.20m, Taifun 22mm x 73.20m

Trawls: Tobis 4080 mesh Hexa Slughals and 4160 mesh Power Millionaire

Codends: 500 mesh, 34 metres

Trawl doors: Thyborøn 115” Type 2