Internet technology at sea facilitates fuel saving

Internet technology at sea facilitates fuel saving

Russian company Dobroflot, which operates its own fishing fleet and canned fish production, has signed an agreement with the international service provider Orange Business Services to equip Dobroflot vessels with an IoT solution for managing fuel consumption and engine operation.

This is expected to the company’s engineers to monitor fuel consumption precisely, to prevent errors while bunkering, to eliminate misappropriation of fuel and to optimise consumption depending on weather conditions and location.

The company hopes to see a 10% improvement in fuel economy. The basis of the system is the capacity to interconnect vessels within the company via the VSAT system installed across its fleet by Orange. To begin with, the IoT system will be operational on board reefer vessel Progress before being rolled out across the company’s fishing vessels and factory mother ship Vsevolod Sibirskirtsev. All of the equipment, commissioning and maintenance work will be carried out within the framework of a single contract with a fixed monthly payment.

‘Fuel costs make up about half of the running costs of the fleet, so the Orange Business Services system will help us to optimise this significantly. The use of internet technology on our vessels is part of the company’s strategy to digitise its own fleet, and will allow us to monitor the operation of engines and fuel consumption with high accuracy,’ said Evgeny Stepanov, Dobroflot’s head of system administration and communications.

‘This will increase the profitability and competitiveness of our business, and will also facilitate the subsequent introduction of other IoT solutions.’