Havyard signs wellboat contract with Norsk Fisketransport
NFT market and R&D manager Dagfinn Eliassen, Havyard CEO Geir Johan Bakke and NFT CEO Oddleif Wigdahl shake on the contract for three new wellboats. Image: Havyard

Havyard signs wellboat contract with Norsk Fisketransport

Havyard has signed a contract worth more than NoK1 billion with Norsk Fisketransport (NFT) for a further two wellboats plus an option for one additional vessel.

These will be newbuilds number five and six for NFT of the Havyard 587 design, and they will be the sister ships of build number 147, scheduled for completion in May 2020.

The two new vessels have been allocated build numbers 150 and 151 and will be delivered in December 2020 and June 2021. The contract option for the third ship must be exercised by the end of November 2019 for delivery in November 2021.

Green and efficient

The vessels are designed with cylindrical fish tanks, which provide good flow conditions and constant, good water quality. This, in turn, preserves the quality of the fish during handling and transport, including when there are large quantities on board.

Efficient filtering and water treatment systems make closed-system transport possible over long distances, thereby preventing discharge with the associated risks of environmental impact and infection.Combined with an efficient propulsion system and optimised hull shape, this makes Havyard 587 one of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly wellboats.

NFT’s CEO Oddleif Wigdahl is delighted with the co-operation with Havyard, commenting that they are very satisfied with the previous vessels the yard has delivered, hence the decision to continue using the same design and product deliveries from Havyard.

‘Wellboat building is a complicated process, but with our expertise, experience and cooperation across our business areas, we are able to deliver what the customer wants. We are very pleased to work on new projects with NFT so we can continue our good collaboration,’ said Havyard CEO Geir Johan Bakke.

All of Havyard’s five business areas will contribute to the delivery. MMC First Process will deliver the on-board fish handling system. Norwegian Electric Systems will deliver power and management from bridge to propellers. Ship Design & Solutions are behind the design, and the Shipbuilding Technology yard in Leirvik will equip the vessel. Production & Services will deliver subcontractors to the yard.