Gitte Henning joins Faroese fleet
Gitte Henning is now under the Faroese flag as Gitte Henning 1

Gitte Henning joins Faroese fleet

Danish pelagic vessel Gitte Henning has arrived in the Faroe Islands after leaving Skagen at the weekend.

Now under the Faroese flag, the pelagic vessel has gone to fishing company Varðin on a long-term basis, replacing Tróndur í Gøtu which suffered a breakdown earlier this year and is expected to be laid up into next year.
The initial plan was for a long-term lease, but due to Faroese requirements stipulating that quotas be transferred to a Faroese vessel, the vessel has been sold for DKK295 million under an arrangement that allows it to be returned to the seller at a future juncture.
Now sailing under Gitte Henning 1 name, the 90 metre pelagic trawler/purse seiner is too big for its port of registration in Gøta, and berthed at Runavik where people were given the opportunity to look the ship over, before it heads out to fish for mackerel.
Now the largest fishing vessel in the Faroese fleet, Gitte Henning 1 has a 3800 tonne capacity, almost a thousand tonnes more than that of Tróndur í Gøtu.
The 90.45 metre Gitte Henning 1 is designed by Salt Ship Design and was built for Danish fisherman Henning Kjeldsen in 2018 at Mykelbust Verft. The sale/lease arrangements were handled by Copenhagen shipbroker Atlantic Shipping.