Fishing companies fund 10,000 Covid-19 tests in Mar del Plata
Mayor Guillermo Montenegro with CEPA directors and staff. Image: CEPA

Fishing companies fund 10,000 Covid-19 tests in Mar del Plata

Member companies of the Council of Argentine Fishing Companies (CEPA), together with other firms within the fishing sector, have pledged to make a contribution to the local government to carry out Covid-19 testing in Mar del Plata and Batán.

This will provide the community with 10,000 new laboratory tests, focused on staff from the health and security sectors.

‘Thanks to an important donation from five fishing companies in Mar del Plata associated with CEPA and the collaboration of members of other chambers of fishing activity, the municipality will have new resources to combat the coronavirus,’ explained the municipality’s Darío Socrate.

The contributing companies belonging to CEPA are Luis Solimeno e Hijos SA, Pedro Moscuzza e Hijos SA, Giorno SA, Ardapez SA and Xeitosiño SA. The directors of the companies held a meeting with mayor Guillermo Montenegro, after which it was reported that the donation will cover equipment for lab tests, while municipal health personnel will carry out swabs. Cámara de la Industria Pesquera Argentina (Caipa) and Cámara de Armadores Poteros Argentinos (CAPA) are also contributing to the initiative.

The municipality has highlighted the work carried out by the industry entities to prevent infection within the fishing sector. She coronavirus pandemic was declared, the companies in the sector have been operating in compliance with strict protocols agreed with the unions and that in this framework, 2000 tests have already been carried out for Covid-19.

The efforts made by companies within CEPA, Caipa and Comercial INAL in providing significant donations of fish weekly so that it can be distributed through the Emergency Neighbourhood Centres, dining rooms and other institutions dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable population have also been highlighted by the municipality.