Double fishing order for DuroWipers
Crabber Amber Lisa has DuroWiper pantographs

Double fishing order for DuroWipers

A double order of DuroWipers pantographs has kitted out two newbuild vessels built by Arklow Marine Services in Ireland; one fishing vessel and one fish farm tender.

It’s not the first time that Arklow has gone to DuroWipers to equip vessels for the fishing industry.

‘We have found DuroWipers to be exceptional, both in terms of price and quality, which is why we have come back to them again and again,’ said Billy Tyrrell of Arklow Marine Services, which has been using the wiper systems for six years.

‘The market at the moment is very much price driven so we largely have to make decisions on that basis. Fitting a wiper that lasts the lifetime of the vessel is cost effective for our clients.’

DuroWiper pantographs and pendulums have a patented twin drive rotary transfer box which gives smooth, powerful and reliable performance. The wipers have been designed to last the lifetime of a vessel. Made from AISI 316 stainless steel they are not only sustainable, but also the most robust on the market.

The first set of Class 50 pantographs went to equip a 19 metre newbuild crabber Amber Lisa for the McNeil family. The shelterdecked Amber Lisa works 4000 pots. The second vessel equipped with Class 50 DuroWipers was an 18 metre fish farm vessel for Marine Harvest, a similar build in all respects to its sister vessel Croi na Farraige, which was delivered by Arklow two years previously.

‘The reputation of DuroWipers expands across many markets, a wiper system that can handle the harsh environments a lifeboat has to tackle is also going to perform well on a fishing vessel,’ said Noel Gould, MD of DuroWipers.

‘We’ve no complaints and we’ll definitely bear DuroWipers in mind for future new vessels,’ Billy Tyrrell added.

DuroWiper pantographs are specified on the UK Shannon Class Lifeboat where the conditions they encounter can be challenging and the vessel operator needs clear vision at all times. The Class 50 pantograph is the smallest in the DuroWipers range and is ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

DuroWipers offers a lifetime guarantee on its wipers for the RNLI and the Royal Navy. For commercial operators it offers a free warranty for three years, above and beyond the usual 12-month standard.


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