Crew evacuated from burning trawler in Russian waters
Enigma Astralis was built as M Ytterstad

Crew evacuated from burning trawler in Russian waters

Pelagic factory vessel Enigma Astralis is reported to have suffered a fire on board, with the whole crew evacuated.

The fire is reported to have broken out on board early this morning, with as yet no indication of the cause of the blaze. The 47 crew were picked up by Dobroflot mother ship Vsevolod Sibirtsev in the Sea of Okhotsk at a position 130km from Madagan in the Russian Far East.

No injuries or environmental damage have been reported.

According to the Kamchatka Region MRCC, the crew of Enigma Astralis have since been transferred to another vessel.

Vsevolod Sibirtsev has picked up 47 crew members of the Enigma Astralis. Our depot ship will be working in that area for another month and that’s why people will be evacuated by other vessels,’ said Dobroflot director Alexander Efremov, and commented that this is the fourth time in six years that Dobroflot’s crews have been involved in rescue operations at sea.

It was built in 2002 as a pelagic factory vessel at Mykelbust Verft in Norway as M Ytterstad, and subsequently sold to Iceland to become Aðalsteinn Jónsson. It was then sold to Russia where it was renamed Enigma Astralis.