ARVI members support C188

ARVI members support C188

A group of Spanish fishing associations that are all members of ARVI (the Vigo Fishing Shipowners’ Cooperative) have unanimously approved a code of practice that incorporates the requirements of the International Labour Organisation’s C188 Work in Fishing convention.

The associations are ANAPA (the National Association of High Seas Longliners), ARPOAN (the Pontevedra Association of Longliners and other Fishing Methods), ANAMER (the National Association of Hake Freezer Vessel Operators), ANAVAR (the National Association of Freezer Vessel Operators) and AGARBA (the National Association of Cod Fishing Vessel Operators).

These organisations that are all within ARVI have approved the guide for good social practice on board their vessels. The guide extends to cover work contracts, salaries, working hours, health and safety in the workplace, accident prevention, medical care, repatriation and social security, among other aspects of vessel operation and crewing.

The intention behind the announcement is to raise visibility of the emphasis that these associations place on good working practices.

‘The owners of 44 freezer vessels, two of which target cod, and 52 surface longliners, want to make clear their support for C188, and to demonstrate that although they are all already in compliance with its requirements, they want to see the same standards extended to fishing countries around the world,’ an ARVI spokesman said.

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