An electric future
Moen Marine’s first electric newbuild for the aquaculture sector will be on display at Aqua-Nor. Image: Moen Marine

An electric future

Having already delivered hybrid fishing vessel Angelsen Senior earlier this year, Norwegian yard Moen Marine is set to build an all-electric aquaculture support vessel for a Norwegian customer.
The 13.50 metre Edel will be not only a first for the yard with a hybrid vessel for the aquaculture sector, but also NRS Farming’s first diesel-electric vessel.
‘Work boats in the aquaculture sector have an operating pattern that is ideal for a hybrid solution. Short distances between the sites mean that Edel can operate almost entirely electrically. Over longer distances, it will operate in a diesel-electric mode, with the battery pack charged by the diesel generator,’ explained Torfinn Hansvik, technical manager at Moen Marin.
NRS Farming came to Moen Marine looking to renew its capacity with a safe and comfortable vessel for its staff to use.
‘There are many clear advantages of going for a hybrid vessel, both in terms of climate and environmental benefits and reduced diesel costs. But the most important thing has always been to look after our employees. We get a better working environment with less noise, exhaust and vibrations,’ said Arve Olav Lervåg, Executive Vice President of NRS.
‘Battery systems at sea are one of the necessary changes we must see in the transport sector, and the aquaculture industry also has a great potential for cutting the diesel consumption,’ commented Astrid Lilliestråle, marketing manager for transport at Enova.
‘However, we find that some fish farming companies are reluctant because they are unsure of the technology and because hybrid solutions so far cost more.’
To promote the electrification of vessels and reduce the financial burden on vessel owners, Enova is providing support for battery projects in new and existing vessels. Enova is contributing NoK2,160,000 to the Edel project.
The 13.50 metre LOA, 7.50 metre beam catamaran will be on display at Aqua-Nor in Trondheim next month.
It is powered by a set of ten Akasol 15OEM modules and has a battery capacity of 244kWh. The main motors are a pair of Danfoss Editron 105kW permanent magnet motors driving Nogva propellers via HC-168 gearboxes. The gensets are 139kW John Deeres.
The catamaran is fitted with a Palfinger 320002 fully rotating deck crane and a 3-tonne and 5-tonne PMH electric capstans. PMH also supplied the 50hp thruster.