Royal Greenland pair to be built in Spain

Royal Greenland pair to be built in Spain

An order for a pair of 82 metre factory trawlers has been placed with the Astilleros de Murueta yard in Spain by Royal Greenland. The two are not identical, with one to be built for shrimping and the other to target groundfish.

‘We are very proud to announce that Royal Greenland has confirmed building contracts for their new Arctic freezer trawlers of Skipsteknisk design,’ said Skipsteknisk’s Inge Bertil Straume. ‘The new vessels are one factory fillet trawler of ST-118 design for groundfish, and one shrimp trawler of ST-119 design. Both designs are tailor made designs for efficient operation under tough Arctic conditions.’

The ST-118 design has an overall length of 82.05 metres and a 17 metre beam, with accommodation for up to 43 crew, a 6000kW propulsion package and a 120 tonnes per day freezing capacity. The ST-119 design is 82.30 metres long and has an 18 metre beam, accommodation for up to 30 crew, a 7200kW main engine and a 90 tonnes per day freezing capability.

Both trawlers will have permanent magnet winches.

‘During the development of both vessel designs, great efforts were made to achieve the highest possible safety standards for the crew, during all kinds of operations and weather conditions. The vessels are designed with high focus on reduced carbon footprint throughout. This is obtained by recovery and recycling of excess energy wherever possible,’ Inge Bertil Straume said, commenting that engineering work on both vessels has already started and will continue throughout 2017.

‘Contracts for the vessels’ construction have been signed with the Spanish shipyard Astilleros de Murueta SA, a shipyard group based in the Bilbao area. This is a shipyard with extensive experience in building specialised vessels. The vessels have expected delivery dates from Murueta at the end of December 2018 for the ST-118 fillet trawler, and in the end of May 2019 for the ST-119 shrimp trawler,’ he said

‘At Skipsteknisk we are very pleased and honoured by the trust shown by Royal Greenland in assigning these contracts to Skipsteknisk. Through these new contracts we look forward to the continuation of a highly valued relationship that has already goes back several decades.’