Rimfrost’s krill oil ready for European market

Rimfrost’s krill oil ready for European market

Norwegian company Rimfrost’s recent innovation, a 100% pure krill oil extract with 60% phospholipids, has now obtained a favourable opinion from the Finnish Novel Food Board based on substantial equivalence and is therefore ready for the European market.

According to research director Inge Bruheim, one of the strong benefits of krill is that omega-3s are bound to phospholipids. The company’s products are refined from krill caught in the Southern Ocean by factory vessel Juvel and processed into consumer products at its shore-based facilities.

‘This feature has seen krill oil readily adopted by consumers who appreciate the enhanced absorption and comfort of use,’ he said. ‘It follows that with Rimfrost’s innovative high-phospholipid Rimfrost Sublime 60% the levels of EPA and DHA are also greatly increased.’

Rimfrost Sublime 60% contains 30% more EPA/DHA than the previous generation of krill products. This allows formulators to develop new products with associated health claims for both EPA and DHA and also for choline which also features in greater levels.

‘Krill oil is difficult to encapsulate due the presence of phospholipids and the industry has experienced difficulties with leaking capsules in the past. We have overcome this problem and we will therefore offer the product not only in bulk, but also in capsules,’ said Henrik Traaholt, VP Sales and Marketing Europe, at Rimfrost.
‘The product is high in astaxanthin and the EU regulatory approval allows the product to be marketed in concentrations up to 600 mg/kg. This natural high concentration provides our customers with an added value and is obtained because of the innovative technology applied at our New Zealand facility,’ Inge Bruheim added.