Pingtan commissions twelve more fishing vessels

Pingtan commissions twelve more fishing vessels

Chinese fishing company Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd has announced that an additional twelve of its newly commissioned fishing vessels have left the port of Fuzhou.

These twelve large-scale squid jigging vessels are now heading for fishing grounds in the international waters of the Indian Ocean, and these are the latest phase in the Pingtan’s extensive project to rebuild and modernise a total of 27 fishing vessels.

Seven fishing vessels were commissioned in November, so 19 of the 27 fishing vessels have now been commissioned and the remaining eight are expected to be ready for sea in early 2019 for fishing in the Indian Ocean.

‘We are very pleased to send off an additional twelve new fishing vessels, and expect these large-scale squid jigging vessels to further enhance our capacity to supply squid products,’ said chairman and CEO Xinrong Zhuo.

‘As the upcoming first quarter is typically our peak sales season, which includes the traditional Chinese New Year Spring Festival, we will endeavour to complete the modification and rebuilding of the remaining vessels so that they are ready to set sail for operation during early 2019.’