Norway’s largest coastal fishing vessel

Norway’s largest coastal fishing vessel

Norwegian fishing company Alta Fiskeriselskap has ordered a new vessel that will be registered under 500gt to make the 40 metre newbuild the largest coastal vessel in the Norwegian fleet.

The new Jens Kristian has been designed by Seacon to the SC40 design that is based on the company’s successful SC38 design, to give the new vessel an overall length of 40 metres and a beam of 9.50 metres. Construction will take place at the Poltramp yard at “6;winouj”7;cie in Poland, and the Jens Kristian is designed to be able to alternate purse seining, seine netting and trawling, as well as being prepared for other activities such as crabbing, whaling and live fish transport with a 435 cubic metres RSW capacity.

Delivery is scheduled for September 2018 and owner Sondre Kristoffersen of Alta Fiskeriselskap has revealed that the overall cost of the entire project around the new Jens Kristian is around NoK175 million. The new vessel has been designed for ease of running and economy, with equipment placed to make the crew’s working lives easier, and while the new vessel is 13 metres longer than its predecessor, it is designed to run on much the same fuel consumption.

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