Norway, a leader in marine research

An agreement has been signed between the Institute of Marine Research and Nofima to carry on world class marine research. It is said that the agreement has formalised the research collaboration and clarifies the role sharing between the institutes. This agreement signals a more effective marine research environment. The Institute of Marine Research’s Director, Tore Nepstad, is optimistic. He said that they will be able to work on far greater and more complex research problems that attend to both industrial and management interests.

Nepstad also said that they will achieve this by getting the best out of the two research environments in the projects where it is natural to collaborate. Nofima’s CEO, Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, is also interested in what this agreement will imply for the research community in Bergen. He told that a close collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research is totally decisive for what Nofima can achieve in Bergen.

Fylling-Jensen explained that they have a small, but extremely competent research community here that is in demand and together with the Institute of Marine Research we can achieve very exciting business-oriented projects based here in Bergen. This collaboration has economic benefits too.