Nobel Brothers Shipyard to build Aqua-Invest crabber
The Nobel Brothers Shipyard will deliver the new Aqua-Invest crabber in 2022. Image: Kalashnikov Concern

Nobel Brothers Shipyard to build Aqua-Invest crabber

A contract was signed this week between the Nobel Brothers Shipyard at Rybinsk and Aqua-Invest for a new crabber.

This new crabber project comes under the Russian government’s new quota regime for crab, and the deal was signed on the basis of quotas secured during quota auctions held last year by the Federal Fisheries Agency.

The Aqua-Invest crabber is designed to catch and land live crab.

The 57.70 metre vessel is designed to have a 12.60 metre beam and be powered by a 1620kW main engine. Delivery is scheduled for 2022.

The Nobel Brothers Shipyard is one of three shipbuilding facilities owned by the Kalashnikov Concern.

With a staff of more than 500, the Nobel Brothers Shipyard builds and maintains a variety of seagoing and river vessels up to 140 metres


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