New seiner/longliner for Østervold
The new Marin Teknikk-designed vessel for Østervold AS is designed to combine capacity for seine netting and longlining. Image: Marin Teknikk

New seiner/longliner for Østervold

Ship design company Marin Teknikk has secured an agreement for a new 67 metre combination longliner.seine netter to be built at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for Norwegian operator Østervold AS. Marin Teknikk will supply the design and engineering package for this innovative fishing vessel.

The MT1115 design includes energy-saving hybrid propulsion with a battery pack, with a great deal of emphasis placed on the best options to achieve a highly environmentally-friendly vessel capable of switching between two very different operating profiles. These require careful tuning of engines, propellers and thrusters to minimise fuel consumption and emissions.

This will be the sixth Marin Teknikk design to be built at Tersan. Image: Marin Teknikk

‘We have worked closely with Olav Østervold and the family since late 2017 and feel that this is an acknowledgment of our work on developing the design of a safe, functional, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fishing vessel specially adapted to the company’s needs,’ said Marin Teknikk’s sales director Richard Gjerde, adding that completing this contract in a demanding market is a satisfying achievement.
‘It’s very exciting for Marin Teknikk to work so closely with a shipping operator that is so active in fishing, as well as owning and operating offshore vessels.’
The new vessel mesures 67 metres overall with a 14.60 metre beam. It have accommodation for a crew of 23 and the design incorporates a heavyweight automated longline system with capacity for 76,000 hooks, along with a factory deck equipped with automated filleting and H&G production on board. The fishroom is to be set up for palletised storage, minimising time needed to be spent discharging.
A number of Norwegian suppliers will be involved in the new Østervold vessel’s construction, and this is the sixth Marin Teknikk-designed vessel to be built at the Tersan Shipyard.