New Pescanova trawler sails for Mozambique
Ponta Matirre has been built by Astilleros Armon for Nueva Pescanova subsidiary Pescamar. Image Nueva Pescanova

New Pescanova trawler sails for Mozambique

Nueva Pescanova’s €43.50 million fleet renewal programme continues with the delivery of the first of four new freezer vessels for the company’s subsidiary in Mozambique.

Ponta Matirre’s crew ready for the long delivery trip to Mozambique. Image: Nueva Pescanova

Astilleros Armon has delivered the 32.10 metre twin-boom trawler Ponta Matirre which has sailed from Vigo and which will fish for shrimp for the group’s Pescamar subsidiary in Mozambique.

Nueva Pescanova is also building a series of fresher stern trawlers that are being built at the same yard for its operation in Namibia, with the first of these delivered to NovaNam in November last year.

Ponta Matirre sails with a crew of 22 and the trawler’s name was chosen by the company’s skippers. Ponte Matirre refers to a fishing area on the Sofala Bank.

Based at Beira in Mozambique, the 700hp Ponta Matirre was designed using virtual reality to visualise layouts, and the design process was required to match energy efficiency with fishing capacity, including in the design electronic management systems to facilitate optimum performance and minimising emissions.

The catch handling layout includes by-catch and waste separation areas, and the main deck is laid out for efficient operation, minimising gear handling times and optimising crew safety.

According to the company, the aim in the design of the seven new fishing vessels is to focus on efficiency in energy generation and processing on board, as well as improving living and working conditions for crews.

‘This strengthens the commitment, not only for the creation of local employment and economic and social development in all the countries in which it operates, but also for sustainability and conservation of the environment through cutting-edge vessels that reduce emissions and incorporate state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies,’ a spokesman for Nueva Pescanova stated.