New Greenland crabber from Vestværftet

New Greenland crabber from Vestværftet

Nuuk fisherman Jens Peter Larsen steamed his crabber out of the harbour at Hvide Sande recently for the long trip home to Greenland with the new boat, with a scheduled call in the Faroes on the way.

Built at Vestværftet in Hvide Sande, the new AjSi GR-6-29 is designed for switching between catching snow crab, halibut and cod in different seasons. Jens Peter Larsen had good reason to go to Denmark for his new boat. In 1980 he took over his first boat, LK Larsen, named after his father.

The new boat is also named after his father, taking his nickname of AjSi, and is built with distinctive Vestværftet lines and with a ver solid construction to cope with conditions in Greenland.

The accommodation has two three-berth cabins and one single cabin, and a feature of the boat is the battery of powerful floodlights that cover a 180° arc and are needed for fishing with static gear on the Greenland winter.

The crew all know each other well and come from the village of Arsuk (the Beloved Place) in south-western Greenland, a small community where fishing is central to the way of life.

The new boat is expected to fish mainly for snow crab as its primary fishery, hauling the 1100 pots it has available during the season. Once the snow crab is over, AjSi can be converted to autolining with a 16,000 hook system for halibut and cod.

It was a happy Jens Peter Larsen who steered the Volvo Penta-powered AjSi out of Hvide Sande for its ten-day delivery trip to Nuuk, with a call scheduled on the way in the Faroe Islands.