New 40-footer ordered for Westfjords company
Thórður Emil Sigurvinsson and Óðinn Gestsson of fishing company Norðurey with Trefjar’s Thröstur Auðunsson and Högni Bergthórsson, and the contract for the new Trefjar 40-footer. Image: Trefjar

New 40-footer ordered for Westfjords company

When longliner Einar Guðnason was wrecked on the rocks just outside the fishing village of Suðureyri in north-west Iceland last month, its loss was a severe blow for local processor Íslandssaga.

Built at Trefjar, originally as Indriði Kristins, the longliner was only a few years old and had been fishing successfully for its new owners in Suðureyri for some time. Einar Guðnason hit the rocks returning from a trip, and the four crew were rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter shortly after sending a distress call.

The wreck is at a difficult spot to reach and it became clear the following morning that Einar Guðnason was a total loss as the swell had smashed the hull against the rocky shoreline.

Operating company Norðurey has not wasted time placing an order for a replacement, and Einar Guðnason’s role will be filled by a new Cleopatra 40B autoliner to be built by Trefjar.