Netter stabilised in Hirtshals
Nesejenta lost stability while on tow from Gdansk to Hvide Sande. Image: Port of Hirtshals

Netter stabilised in Hirtshals

So far the reasons remain a mystery, but Norwegian-owned netter Nesejenta was under tow from Gdansk to Hvide Sande when it turned over, a few miles off the Danish port of Hanstholm.

Built in Poland for Norwegian company August Fjeldskår, the partially completed Nesejenta was being taken to Hvide Sande for fitting out and was three days into the delivery trip when the incident took place.

The capsized netter being prepared for the tow to Hirtshals. Image: Port of Hirtshals

There have been no injuries. From the capsize position the 35 metre netter has been towed to Hirtshals.

The port has a versatile maritime cluster with a variety of services available, including ship repair specialists.

According to the Port of Hirtshals harbour master Jens Kirketerp Jensen, the port’s no 1 basin is being used to right Nesejenta, where it will be stabilised for the towing operation to Hvide Sande to be resumed.

With no explanation yet as to why the vessel’s stability was compromised so drastically, the insurers are expected to be keen to get to the bottom of what went wrong.

The yard in Hvide Sande is anticipating the arrival of the new netter, and the delay has resulted in a disruption to its working schedule.