Live fish carrier for Sølvtrans

Live fish carrier for Sølvtrans

Sølvtrans AS has placed an order with the Kleven yard for a new live fish carrier to be built to a Rolls-Royce NVC 387 design.

This is the third such vessel to for Norwegian operator Sølvtrans, one of the world’s leading transporters of live fish. This time they have opted to build at Kleven’s Myklebust yard, while previous deliveries were built in Spain.

‘Sølvtrans requires vessels with the highest level of technology, redundancy and environmental solutions. We are proud to be chosen again to develop their fleet renewal. Our innovative ship design ensures cost effective operations and fuel efficiency as well as low emissions,’ said Monrad Hide, Rolls-Royce, VP Sales Europe.

The live fish carrier has a load capacity of 3200 m3 and its three tanks can take in up to approximately 500 tonnes of live fish.

‘In order to transport live fish efficiently and in a healthy condition from fish farms to fish processing plants on shore, spacious temperature controlled tanks are required in the hold of the ship. The priority for this type of operation is to get the fish to the end consumer as fresh as possible, and this specifically tailored Rolls-Royce ship design, makes this possible.’

The characteristic bow shape is carefully designed to optimise cargo hold and minimise water resistance, reducing fuel consumption and the ship’s environmental footprint while improving the onboard conditions for crew and fish.

This will be the fourth live fish carrier based on this proven Rolls-Royce technology.