Le Guilvinec skipper looks to the future
Coprexma is designing a 22 metre trawler for a Le Guilvinec skipper. Image: Coprexma

Le Guilvinec skipper looks to the future

A trawler design adapted to meet the specific needs of a coastal fisherman working from Le Guilvinec is in development by naval architect Coprexma.

The 35-year old skipper fishing from le Guilvinec is in the position of working with a trawler that is virtually the same age as he is – built more than thirty years ago – and also a Coprexma design. Although it has served him well and continues to do so, his current trawler is becoming increasingly expensive to operate and maintain, hence his interest in a newbuilding.

The Coprexma design combines traditional and innovative elements. Image: Coprexma

The 22 metre Coprexma design has been based on the customer’s feedback and the design bureau’s long experience with fishing vessels, and the basic requirement is for a vessel that can continue on the customer’s present operating pattern, landing to ports in Brittany, and which will be an asset that can be taken over by the next generation when the time comes.

According to Coprexma, the concept is for a measured, long-term approach that will keep this skipper at work for a long time to come with a trawler built demersal fishing, fitted with twin trawl winches and three net drums.

The trawler will have a bulbous bow as part of basic design that brings together traditional and innovative elements, optimised for efficiency and economy, and with a stern arrangement to suit conditions at Le Guilvinec. This means the propeller channel set into the hull, which allows a large diameter propeller while still being able to have a small enough draught to have access to Le Guilvinec. These are innovations that Coprexma has already incorporated into previous new vessels, and which have proved themselves in terms of ergonomics, efficiency, seakeeping and stability, and which are now increasingly being applied to the coastal fleet as owners seek to renew capacity in this sector.