IUU regulation, a new barrier

Vietnam seafood processing enterprises may soon face lots of trouble as the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing regulation will take into effect on January 1st 2010. Pham Trong Yen, vice director of Department of Capture Fisheries and Fisheries Resource Protection, said that the IUU regulation is a documents include a lot of information related to the cargo such as: name of fishing boat, name of fishing boat’s owner, catching area, commodity name, weight, transshipment certificate on sea, port of receiving, without any of information mentioned above, the cargo will not be allowed to imported into EU.

Trong Yen also said that this regulation is really a big trouble for enterprises which process products from sea catch material. He added that in order to export to EU, enterprises can’t use batches of material with unclear source of orgin and not enough required documents. This will be a big obstacles for Vietnam enterprises when the input of material for export processing is always short.

Pham Trong Yen opined that the possibility that Vietnam can execute this new regulation is very low. As we knew, Vietnam is a country that has small-scale fisheries industry with 131,000 fishing boats, management workforce is very thin and the ability to do forecast and statistic is also weak.

Commercial Affair of Vietnam and other countries in South East Asia in Belgium and EU had already requested EU authorities to delay the applying IUU regulation when working with them. The effect of this regulation will depends too much on the management of government organisations.