Indonesia asks Australia to sink poaching vessels

Australian authority were asked by it Indonesian counterpart to simply sink the boats found poaching sharks in waters in their common border areas because such vessels belonged to “mafia”. Indonesian Marine Resources and Fisheries Minister Freddy Numberi told that shark poaching in Indonesian waters bordering Australia was organised by mafia.

According to Freddy the boats worth Rp30 million (RM10,457) each used by fishermen that often violated the border were procured by mafia members. It is informed that the shark fins that they had taken illegally meanwhile are worth billions of rupiahs and therefore they would never feel the loss when their boat was burned by Australian authorities.

Freddy also told that in cooperation with the Australian government fishermen from Kupang were being led to conduct aqua culture to that they would not be lured to fish sharks. Indonesian fishermen have so far violated the border three times to catch sharks, he said.

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