Heavyweights launched at Gdansk yard

Heavyweights launched at Gdansk yard

The Nauta Shipyard at Gdansk in Poland has sent a couple of large new fishing vessels down the ways and into the water, with partly-outfitted hulls launched for completion at yards in Norway and Denmark.

The new pelagic freezer vessel Scombrus for France Pélagique was launched last week, the yard’s sixth newbuild this year. Scombrus has an overall length of 81.50 metres and a beam of 17.50 metres, and is to be taken to the Havyard Ship Technology yard in Norway to be outfitted.

It is designed to be equipped with RSW tanks for holding catches at -1°C prior to being graded and frozen in 25kg blocks. The new trawler will incorporate the latest technology for sustainable and efficient operation, and a great deal of attention has been paid to ensuring safe working conditions, crew comfort and energy efficiency.

The factory deck for Scombrus is being supplied by Icelandic company Skaginn 3X.

Scombrus follows the launch of Norwegian pelagic vessel Rav, which has been built for fishing company Peter Hepsø Rederi and will be completed at the Karstensens Skibsværft yard in Skagen. It replaces an older vessel of the same name.

Rav has a 78 metre overall length and a beam of 15.50 metres. It incorporates plenty of innovation, as the first fishing vessel to be outfitted with a Wärtsilä 31 main engine. It will have an enclosed foredeck and electric winches, including an electric purse seine net hauler.

Rav is the sixteenth fishing vessel built at the Nauta Shipyard’s Newbuilding Division in Gdansk and the yard for Karstensens Skibsværft has three more vessels to be launched this year at Nauta.

In addition to its fishing vessel newbuilds, the Nauta yard has other key areas of activity, including building research and offshore vessels. Recent contracts include a ship platform for the special purpose Signal Intelligence vessel for the Swedish Navy and RATOWNIK class submarine rescue and salvage vessel for the Polish Navy.