Fish Prices/Landings for Scotland

Moderate supplies of fish began last weeks market at Peterhead Scotland premier fishing port with just over 7,000 boxes of whitefish landed for the market on Monday and Tuesday.
After three good weeks of landings the reduction in supplies were reasonable for the buyers.

Gutted Haddock sold for £102-£142 per 57kg box on and small haddock £85-£102 and whiting at £68-£102 per 57 kg box.

Twelve Trawlers that landed were Budding Rose, Ocean Harvest, Sumer Dawn,, Golden Gain, Splendour, Our Guide, Acorn, Harvester, Lapwing, Karenann, Celestial Dawn and Serene, landed 3612 boxes to the Monday market. Large Cod sold at £2-£2-40 pre kg on Monday morning, when medium Cod sold at £1.90-£2.20, small cod £1.60-£2, large haddock £2,-£2.50, medium and small £1.50-£2. Whiting £1.50-£1-70 Monkfish £4-£4.50 Hake £1-£1.20 and Coley 80p-90p,

The Tuesday saw eight trawlers land 3564 boxes with prices almost the same as the previous day. The trawlers landed fruitful Bough, Ocean Triumph, Ocean Venture 11, Castlewood, Karmarra 11, Sagittarius, Venturous and Attain.

On Wednesday day eight boats landed 2,600 boxes. Cod large sold at £2.60-£3.80. Medium at £2.20-£3.50 Haddock large £2.50-£3 medium £2.50-£3. Monkfish £3.20-£4-40, coley ££1-80p, Hake £1-£2.50 and Plaice 60p-£1. Ling £1-£1.10kg

Trawler landed were Boy Andrew, Quite Waters, Ocean Trust, Castlewood, Attain, Moray Endeavour Glenugie and Opportunus.

Thursday saw 3,894 boxes landed with large Cod selling at £2.50-£3.20, Haddock £2,50-£3, Whiting £1.40-£1.80 , Monkfish £3-£4, hake 40p-£1.30 and plaice £1.

Trawlers landed were Atlantic Challenge, Crystal River, Faithful, Harvest Hope, Morning Star, Ocean Bounty, Kiroan, Prolific, Copious and Favonius.

The last market of the week Friday saw 13 boats land 6,527 boxes with prices similar to the previous day..

In total 51 trawlers landed 20,209 boxes of whitefish at Peterhead last week. There were no pelagic landings.

At Fraserburgh harbour 76 trawlers landed tolled4,118 boxes of white fish.

At Ullapool a quieter week with only one Scottish trawler landing 23.3 tonnes of whitefish (466boxes) Four Spanish liner/netters taking 76.6 tonnes (1,532 boxes) and two Scottish Crabbers landing 22 tonnes of brown crab. The local fleet reported steady fishing.