First new coastal trawler for Russia
Vympel is the first coastal trawler built under Russia’s investment quotas programme. Image: Vympel Shipyard

First new coastal trawler for Russia

Following successful sea trials, Murmansk company Karelryba PTF has taken delivery of a new coastal fishing trawler built in Nizhny Novgorod.

Vympel is a 36.18 metre trawler with a 9 metre beam and its chilled 299 cubic metre fishroom provides capacity for a catch of around 70 tonnes. It has an operating endurance of around ten days and accommodation is for a crew of twelve.

The order for the T30V project trawler was placed in 2017 and construction began the following year. It was floated off last winter and has been completed at the Vympel and Nobel Brothers shipyards, which were merged since both became part of the Kalashnikov Group.

Vympel Shipyard managing director Dmitry Borovsky and Karelryba PTF director general Alexey Barakov shake hands after completing the handover documentation. Image: Vympel Shipyard

The design concept for Vympel was developed by the Vympel Shipyard and Nizhny Novgorod company Sea Tech handled the design process.

Vympel has been built for Karelryba PTF under the Russian government’s investment quotas initiative, designed to boost both fishing and shipbuilding sectors by providing incentives for the fishing industry to place orders for new tonnage at Russian yards. This is the first coastal fishing vessel to be built under the investment quotas initiative.

The new trawler is now on its way from Nizhny Novgorod to its home port of Murmansk, and its delivery clears the way for owners Karelryba PTF to apply for additional quotas for cod and haddock in the Barents and White Seas.

Vympel is delivered with a catch handling system for roundfish and to deliver chilled fish to shore-based processing plants.

Karelryba PTF director general Alexey Barakov commented that they appreciate the quality of the work carried out at the yard in completing Vympel.


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