Deep Vision up for Nor-Fishing award

Deep Vision up for Nor-Fishing award

Scantrol’s Deep Vision is one of the three nominees for Nor-Fishing’s Innovation Award, due to be awarded today.

What has so been a scientific system for measuring and recording images of fish in a trawl as they pass down the belly to the codend has been for some time in development as a commcercial system. The concept is that the Deep Vision unit can record and measure fish as they make their way through it, releasing those that are outside the required size range or of the wrong species. This could dramatically reduce by-catch, optimising catch composition and transmitting the catch data live to the trawler’s wheelhouse.

Historical catch data can also be analysed to better plan for future reference. Deep Vision will be integrated with Scantrol’s iSYM symmetry control and information from the logs of the two systems can maximise the information the skipper will have available about the catch and trawl. This provides new opportunities for the skipper to determine fishing time and location, as how best to deploy the vessel and its gear.

Scantrol’s sister company Scantrol Deep Vision is dedicated exclusively to the development of cutting edge technological solutions for fish sampling and monitoring. The Deep Vision system is developed with close access to Scantrol’s extensive experience and know-how in monitoring and control systems for the marine industry, and in close cooperation with Institute for Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen.

Deep Vision has been tested on several IMR’s vessels and is featured as part of their Centre for Research-based Innovation in Sustainable fish capture and Pre-processing technology (CRISP). Over the past year, the latest version of the Deep Vision system has been used on six cruises, three of them with IMR’s GO Sars for a total of more than 50 hauls. Innovation Norway supports the development and implementation of the system on the research vessels of IMR by 2017.

Scantrol are on stand G-713 at Nor-Fishing this week

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