Danes encouraged to choose local fish

Danes encouraged to choose local fish

A drive to encourage Danes to eat more fish is being spearheaded by promotional organisation Fiskebranchen, supported by the Danish FPO, the Danish Seafood Association, the Danish Pelagic PO and several related organisations, pushing to increase consumption of locally-produced fish.

The campaign kicked off on the 2nd of May to encourage retailers to go for Danish fish and co-ordinator Lone Marie Eriksen said that studies confirm that Danish consumers want Danish fish.

‘Unfortunately the situation today is that what’s available is primarily Danish-caught plaice, while the other fish in the chiller cabinets is imported,’ she said, commenting that COOP has signed an agreement with coastal fishermen at Thorup Strand in northern Jutland for a supply of fresh local fish, and there ought to be more arrangements like this one in place.

‘A 2014 study tells us that 58% of Danish consumers prefer fish caught by Danish fishermen. According to a totally separate study, we know that 53% of consumers would like to eat fish more often than they do. So the need for Danish fish is there, Lone Marie Eriksen said.

An additional consideration is the carbon footprint of seafood, which compares favourably with that of other foodstuffs, and locally caught fish has an even lower footprint than imported fish.

‘Mussels have by far the lowest climate impact, but herring, cod and flatfish such as plaice also have a very low carbon footprint. So there is every reason to choose the Danish caught fish,’ Lone Marie Eriksen said.