Damen delivers fish farm service vessel
Based proven Damen Multi Cat 1908 design, Inverlussa Marine Services have customised their new Patricia Mathesen. Image: Damen

Damen delivers fish farm service vessel

Damen’s policy of building hulls for stock has made possible delivery of a new service vessel for Inverlussa Marine Services in only a few months.

Patricia Matheson is the twelfth vessel in the Inverlussa Marine Services fleet and the company’s first Damen vessel. Image: Damen

The contract for the new Patricia Matheson for Inverlussa Marine Services was signed in October last year and delivery of the Multi Cat 1908 has taken place only seven months later.

Based on the Isle of Mull, Inverlussa Marine Services will operate Patricia Matheson in the aquaculture industry to carry out a diverse range of tasks including grid inspections, anchor-handling and equipment towage.

Inverlussa Marine Service is one of Scotland’s leading workboat companies, supplying vessels to service contracts for the offshore wind and fish-farming sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

Patricia Matheson is the twelfth vessel operating in the company’s fleet and their first Damen vessel.

‘We enjoyed working with Damen on this project. Their Multicats are renowned around the world and when the right opportunity arose, we were delighted to partner with them,’ said Ben Wilson, managing director of Inverlussa Marine Services.

Patricia Matheson will strengthen the breadth of services that we can now provide to our clients in Scotland and further afield.’

Although based on the standardised, proven Damen Multi Cat 1908 design, Inverlussa Marine Services have customised their new vessel. This has included the positioning of the capstan cranes and manouevring stands, some tailoring to the vessel’s accommodation and the installation of an additional generator to provide the power the vessel needs to serve the aquaculture industry.

Additionally, in alignment with the company’s keen focus on operating efficiency, Patricia Matheson features an additional crane and a larger main winch.

‘It’s been a pleasure working with Inverlussa Marine Services on the development of their Multi Cat. They really knew what they were looking for in their vessel and have provided us with valuable input in her development,’ said Damen sales manager Mike Besijn.