Avataq welcomed home to Greenland
Avataq made a brief call in Nuuk before heading out for a shakedown trip. Image: Royal Greenland

Avataq welcomed home to Greenland

Greenland’s newest and largest fishing vessel, Royal Greenland’s trawler Avataq, arrived in Nuuk a few days ago and has already sailed for a short shakedown trip.

Avataq was delivered by Astilleros de Murueta in Spain at the end of last year and steamed to the Faroes, where the trawler remained in Tórshavn over Christmas. Avataq sailed on 28th December, and was welcomed as it approached Greenland, met by local boats and treated to fireworks as it approached the village of Aappilattoq in Southern Greenland on New Year’s Day.

‘We steamed through the Prince Christian Strait due to heavy weather off Cape Farewell,’ said skipper Tordar Dimon.

‘As we passed the strait at the village of Aappilattoq, a dinghy came out and followed us and rockets were sent up. It was very pleasant to be welcomed to Greenland with the new ship.’

For its first trip, Avataq at sea with thirty people on board, including technicians who are there to fine-tune the new ship’s systems.

‘When the ship’s systems are tested and the ship is ready for longer trips, we’ll be sailing with a permanent crew of 25,’ he said.

‘The ship has performed very well, coping easily with the bad weather en route from Bilbao, via the Irish Sea on the way to the Faroe Islands, and later in stormy weather up to 30 to 35m/s south of Iceland, en the way to Greenland.

The 82.30 metre Avataq has an 18 metre beam and is designed by Skipsteknisk. It is Greenland’s largest fishing vessel, built to fish for shrimp, with options for fishing for Greenland halibut.

Avataq’s christening ceremony will take place on 18th January in Nuuk.