Faroese pelagics get MSC approval

Faroese herring has been MSC certified since 2012, and now gets it re-certification, while this is a new certification for Faroese mackerel and blue whiting, each of which represents an approximately half-million tonne annual fishery.

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Kaliningrad gear for Russian Far East

Kaliningrad fishing gear supplier Fishering Service has supplied an Atlantica 1460 pelagic trawl in a combination of hexagonal and diamond meshes to a Russian RSW trawler, one of only a few RSW-equipped pelagic vessels operating in the region.

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New mackerel row erupts

The longstanding dissatisfaction over mackerel continues to be a highly sensitive issue as anger has erupted yet again. A Faroese vessel landing in Skagen was reported to have misreported amounts of mackerel mixed in with its cargo of blue whiting and Shetland fishermen have responded with anger.

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