New orders for Piet Brouwer

New orders for Piet Brouwer

Urk-based Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology has signed new contracts for fishing vessels and a ferry conversion.

The company has contracted to deliver electrical systems for two new fishing vessels, UK-150, owned by Quotter BV, and SC-10, belonging to SFB Hecht GmbH. Both to be built at Nauta Hull Shipyards in Gdynia and construction has already started on the hull of UK-150.

The trawlers are designed by Ove Kristensen at Vestvaerftet in Denmark and will measure 32 metres in length with an 8.70 metre beam. The UK-150 is expected to spend half of each year twin-rig fishing and the other half fly-shooting, while SC 10 is intended mainly for twin-rig trawling.

Another important contract for Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology relates to the extension of the Noord-Nederland ferry belonging to Rederij Doeksen at Damen Shiprepair in Harlingen.

Noord-Nederland will be cut in half and a lengthened with a complete new section 20 metre section inserted amidships. After lengthening, the completed the ‘new’ ferry will measure 65.60 metres. She will also be equipped with new propulsion, rudders and an additional bowthruster. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology’s role is to take out, renew and reconnect the existing wiring, and deliver a new generator unit and frequency inverter and new cable conduits and fixtures for the ferry.