New longliner for Norwegian owners

New longliner for Norwegian owners

Vaagland Båtbyggeri is to build a new longliner for Seir AS, based at Grytastranda in western Norway.

The new longliner, expected to be delivered in July 2018, is a Skipsteknisk ST-155 design, with an overall length of 53.10 metres, a beam of 12.80 metres and a 65,000 hook per day fishing capacity.

According to Skipsteknisk, the present Seir is owned and operated by the Urkedal family in Grytastranda, and this is a well-established and respected company with a long background in longline fishing.

The new Seir has been designed during a process of close co-operation between the Urkedal family and the designer and yard, with the focus on developing a hull shape with good seakeeping qualities and providing a stable and safe working platform for the crew with a minimum of heavy lifting, as well as the best possible accommodation facilities.

The design takes in significant energy efficiency solutions that allow dramatic reductions CO2 emissions while also maximising fuel efficiency. The is centred around the use of integrated automation control technology that keeps the ship in energy-saving mode under all conditions as well as in careful reuse of energy/waste heat.

A Skipsteknisk spokesman commented that a great deal of Norwegian services, equipment and technology will be going into the new Seir, ranging from the vessel’s finance package to the long list of hardware.

‘We also appreciate that we’ll be again with our old friends at Vaagland Båtbyggeri on a new fishing vessel project,’ Skipsteknisk said.