Longliner pair for Ervik

Longliner pair for Ervik

Norwegian design company Marin Teknikk has contracted with Frøyanes AS to supply design and engineering packages for a pair of new longliners.

The MT1111 vessels will have a length of 50 metres and a beam of 12.50 metres, and are expected to operate in Norwegian waters. They are especially designed with higher ice-class with the capability of operating worldwide, including arctic and Antarctic regions.

The pair will have conventional propulsion and accommodation for 18 persons. The vessels are designed according to the owners requirements and will be equipped with Mustad Magpacker autoline systems and a specially designed automatic line hauling system.

Catches will be H&G processed on board and frozen in vertical plate freezers and a tunnel freezer, and the vessels will have large cargo holds.

Frøyanes AS has signed contract with Tersan Shipyard in Turkey to build the vessels, with delivery scheduled for December 2019 and February 2020.

Marin Teknikk has designed a number of vessels for Ervik, which also recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary. According to sales director Richard Gjerde, these vessels represent vessels number nine and ten that owners that Stig Ervik and Kjell Magne Ervik have built MT-Design.

He pointed out that this is a very pleasant contract in a demanding market.

‘We have worked closely with the Ervik Group for many years and we see this contract as an acceptance of the work we have done providing safe, functional, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fishing vessels tailor-made for Ervik’s various requirements, depending on where they are operating,’ he said.

‘It’s very exiting for Marin Teknikk’s designers and engineers to work so closely with a vessel owner who is so dedicated to fishing, and exploiting resources in a viable and eco-friendly way, as Ervik Havfiske Group is doing,’ sales engineer Thomas Edvard Gjerde added.